Van Wormer Law, LLC is a premier full service immigration law firm located in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


We represent individuals, small businesses, and large multi-national corporations in all aspects related to U.S. immigration. Our office works to provide families, employers, and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration services.

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We offer our clients the benefit of our wide-ranging legal services at reasonable rates with unsurpassed focus on personal attention and detail. Our liberal phone and email policy will relieve you from the hassle of scheduling an appointment to talk to us each time you have a question or concern. We want to hear from you whenever you have any issues or concerns; we believe that good communication leads to good results.


When you retain our services, the first things you will notice are our responsiveness and integrity. We will represent you energetically and we will give you an honest assessment of the likelihood of success at each stage of the case, with an eye to avoiding surprises for you. We look forward to working with you and helping you meet your immigration goals!


Immigration Law is federal, meaning that we are authorized to represent clients located anywhere in the US or abroad. We can assist you whether you require a Virginia Immigration Lawyer, a DC Immigration Lawyer, or an immigration lawyer for any other region. We can help you if you require assistance with any aspect of US Immigration law.


Immigration Legal Services


We handle all aspects of immigration law and look forward to helping you be successful with your case. Your immigration lawyer based in VA with Van Wormer Law Firm offers services that include family-based immigration assistance, naturalization assistance, deportation and removal defense, deferred action for childhood arrivals in the United States, employment-based immigration assistance, H1B claims and more.


We can also provide legal services pertaining to temporary status and permanent status cases, help with petitions for spouses, children and other family members as law permits, and can guide your way to obtaining a DV1 Visa. We also handle cases of asylum and refuge and citizenship matters, and provide representation to file U.S. citizenship applications and other immigration matters.

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